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Personal advice on frame style, shape, colour: not just fit

Eyewear is as much about your personal style and fashion, as it is about having the best vision possible.


We understand that you want the best vision possible and that your frames and lenses suit you perfectly. To make sure we can offer you the widest choice possible, we now stock more than 1500 different frames as standard. We handpick all our frames and offer many leading brands including Oakley, Maui Jim, Tom Ford and Giorgio Armani. We source individual frames for you at short notice.


Always updating our selection, we regularly attend international buying and trade fairs to source new frames in differing styles and price ranges. To accompany our frames, we are specialist suppliers for all the major spectacles lens. As a Carl Zeiss lens centre and a Varilux Signature practice, we’re amongst the UK’s leading lens dispensing practices.

We also continually benchmark our ranges and prices to ensure that we’re competitive and provide the widest range across to suit all budgets.


We like children and they seem to like us: over 40% of our customers are under 18s. Many are referrals from local ophthalmologists and we work closely with local hospitals who refer children to us.  We have a wide choice of good quality, comfortable and lightweight children’s eyewear to suit all budgets: from designer frames to free ranges (with NHS voucher) and the latest unbreakable Danish frames.    


Protecting your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays is vital throughout the year. We also understand that sunglasses need to be fashionable and suit your personal style.  We stock a great range of prescription eyewear and have the knowledge and expertise to ensure they fit perfectly and suit you, whatever your age and wherever you’re enjoying the sun. 


Whatever your sport, you want the best possible vision from stylish eyewear that works and doesn’t interfere with or hamper your style or enjoyment. Whether you’re cycling, playing golf, swimming or at the gym, we offer the expertise, knowledge and multiple sportswear brands such as Adidas, Oakley and Maui Jim to give you the best vision for your sport.